Feud in Timika Heats Up

by tempointeractive - At Sunday two Timika residents were attacked and tortured by 30 men armed with machetes and wooden clubs.

Paulu Douw and Sefnat Misikbo were rushed to hospital after the attack: Paulu suffered abrasions on his left cheek, head and back. Sefnat sustained injuries to the head, arm and knee.

Policemen arrived to guard the junction. On Sunday evening the situation was under control, but some people were afraid to leave their houses.

The dispute between the two residents was triggered by an attack on people after they finished panning for gold on PT Freeport Indonesia’s grounds. They were mugged and attacked with arrows on Saturday morning. As a result, Sekundus Karubun and Benjamin Fautgil were rushed to hospital due to arrow wounds.

According to Police Commissioner Albertus Andreana, the police intensified patrols and said, "Yes, we continue to take steps to return the residents’ sense of security and prevent friction.


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