Filep Karma in hospital in Abepura

Filep Karma in hospital in Abepura

Information received on July 14, 2009

According to information received from Papua, Filep Karma who is serving a 15-year sentence for peacefully raising the Morning Star flag in Papua on 1 December 2004, is suffering from respiratory problems, making it difficult for him to breath.

Some of his co-prisoners realised that he was seriously ill. [See below for a report filed in 2006 which includes information about the back injury he sustained.which resulted in a lengthy stay in hospital.]

Prison officials decided on 10 July to take him to Abepura hospital. He was given an infusion and taken in for treatment. After receiving medical treatment his condiition improved slightly.

The next visit was due to take place on 13 July but when his friends arrived at the hospital, they were told that he had been taken back to prison by prison officers.

During a brief interview, Karma said that he had spent three days in hospital and had been given several pills which he needed to take daily and he was instructed to drink a lot and to eat plenty of green vegetables and fruit.

Those who are in touch with him say it is difficult to ensure that he gets the food he needs. He needs to be assured of moral and physical help from the local church.