Forkorus: Raid on DAP Office was a cheap trick

Forkorus: Raid on DAP Office was a cheap trick

Cenderawasih Pos

Sentani: The incident which took place when officers of the Criminal Investigation Directorate of the Papua Police Force raided the office of Dewan Adat Papua (Papuan Customary Council) in Jayapura on 3 April and two firearms along with several Morning Star flags were confscated as been clarified by DAP.

The chairman of DAP, Forkorus Yaboisembat S. PD, told Cenderawasih Pos that the raid was a cheap machination. It was an action deliberately intended to entrap DAP as an organisation that speaks about the violations of human rights occurring in the Land of Papua. The outspokenness of DAP is considered as something that imperils and terrifies the government of the Republic of Indonesia, and they therefore resort to a variety of attempts to entrap DAP .

'Such actions are a bag of tricks (basi) because DAP is regarded as an organisation that is a threat to the integrity of the Republic of Indonesia,' declared Forkorus.

Forkorus said that in actual fact, the police failed to realise that they themselves were caught out in a strategy set by DAP which deliberately built a hut behind the DAP office and put a number of students in the hut to see whether these students are acting in the interests of or against the interests of the Papuan people.

Or to see whether there are other student elements who are prepared to engage in provocative activities by deliberately deploying firearms or sharp weapons in order to implicate DAP in a criminal act, in a strategy that was carefully devised by certain elements.

Forkorus said that he had told the staff of the US embassy in Jakarta about everything, adding that he was first made aware of the planned raid by the office of Uncle Sam in Jakarta [pertama kali diketahuinya dari kantor kedutaan negara paman Sam di Jakarta itu].

Forkorus also said that information about the raid had been passed on to the British Journalists Division and the United Nations Indigenous People's Forum in New York.

Regarding the intention of the criminal department of the police to question him, he said that he was ready to be questioned by the police, although he is at present in a poor state of health. If the police summon him, he will first consider his physical condition because, for the past three months he has been under doctor's orders to rest because he is suffering from malaria and a gastric disorder.

While insisting that he would respond to a police summons depending on the state of his health, he also said he wishes to test the seriousness of the law enforcement agencies to take action against the students who brought firearms and sharp implements into the DAP office. This case must not be allowed to disappear without trace, without due process to determine whether the those weapons have been returned to their owners and the students involved have subsequently been released.

Forkorus also mentioned another machination against DAP, namely the shooting of Opinus Tabuni in Wamena [last August], although nothing has yet been done to to investigate who it was who murdered him; this was an incident that was deliberately manipulated in an attempt to pit the local community against DAP as the organisation that was responsible for holding the event to commemorate World Indigenous People's Day.

Furthermore, attempts to entrap DAP are evident from the discovery by security officials of a number of banners calling for a boycott of the elections. Forkorus stated categorically that, in accordance with a decision of a DAP plenary that took place recently, DAP fully supports the five-yearly Festival of Democracy, while at the same time encouraging indigenous Papuans with the necessary development skills to get involved in our natural resources and human resources.

It is quite untrue that DAP intends to boycott the elections. Moreover, Forkorus has called on the police to return without delay the equipment that was confiscated from the DAP office, along with several items of a criminal nature from those student elements.

'Those criminal items should be retained as evidence against the owners thereof, but the office equipment belonging to DAP should be returned to us,' said Forkorus.

[Explanation: The Indonesian original of a phrase relating to the role of the US embassy in Jakarta has been included within square brackets, to make sure that this is what was actually said by Forkorus. TAPOL]