Former Komnas HAM member says case against Kogoya 'should not be dramatised'

Bintang Papua


Human rights defender and director of the Papuan Baptist Voice Mathius Murib, has said in a press release that the case of Dany Kogoya should not be dramatised because there are many strange things relating to the case that need to clarified. He also said that Kogoya and his associates should have legal representation.

According to press reports Kogoya is facing the charge that he was involved in the 'Nafri case' when four people were killed. More recently, the attorney-general's office was quoted as saying that he should also face the charge of 'makar' or treason [for which many Papuans are serving lengthy sentences] because during the incident, the Morning Star flag which is seen as a symbol of 'merdeka' had been flown.

Mathius Murib, a former member of Komnas HAM - Papua, (National Human Rights Commission - Papua) said that the motives and prime perpetrators who had given the order (for the killings) have not yet been arrested, bearing in mind that Kogoya has claimed that he had been used by certain elements.

The Nafri incident occurred in August 2011 when four people were slain, for which Kogoya would now face charges.

[Translated by TAPOL]