House says information facilities vital to RI unity

House says information facilities vital to RI unity
, 29 September 2010

The House of Representatives urged the government on Tuesday to establish information commission offices across Indonesia in efforts to preserve national unity.

Hayono Isman, the deputy chairman of House Commission I overseeing information, said access to public information was vital to people’s trust in each other and the (Indonesian) government.

Particularly important was the establishment of an information commission in Papua, whose indigenous population had overtly rejected Indonesian state rule, Hayono said.

The establishment of the offices is mandated by the law on access to public information, but only a few provinces already have them.

Indonesia was facing a rebellion of the Papuan people, he said.

“We need to make Papuans feel that they are [Indonesian] and the commission can play a vital role in this,” Hayono said as quoted by

Hayono said he hoped the information commission offices would do their best to help corruption eradication campaigns.

“They should become the engine in the fight against corruption,”