Human Rights Defender Sabar Olif acquitted

29 of January human rights lawyer Sabar Olif Iwanggin was acquitted in the court case running against him. Mr. Iwanggin stood trial at Jayapura State Court since 7 January 2008 and was charged for forwarding a short-message-services (sms) defaming the Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY). He was arrested by the special by a special anti-terrorism unit of the Indonesian police. The court in Jayapura acquitted Sabar Olif Iwanggin from the charge of agitation because there was no conclusive evidence. In November 2008 the prosecutor filed for 3 years and six months prison sentence.

As a lawyer, Sabar Olif Iwanggin was a member of the advocacy team "Abepura Case 2006". Sabar Olif Iwanggin received legal assistance from the JPIC Desk of the Evangelical Protestant Church in Papua. Participants of the Faith-based Network plead for this case with EU institutions, at the UN level and with several European governments.