Human rights defenders at risk: Imparsial

Human rights defenders at risk: Imparsial

The Jakarta Post

The Indonesian Human Rights Monitor, Imparsial, said the lack of recognition and protection was endangering human rights defenders in Indonesia.

“Everyone in the legislative, executive, and judicial bodies have said over and over that they want to protect human rights,” said Poengky Indarti, Imparsial’s External Relations Director.

“If that is true then they should first protect human rights defenders who have the same purpose as them.”

Poengky said Indonesia has already ratified the Declaration on Human Rights Defenders, which pronounces that the state would do its best to protect human rights and defenders of rights.

The country has also shown improvement in human rights protection at the normative level, she added.

“In the past five years the country has ratified many international human rights agreements,” Poengky said. (mrs)