Imparsial criticises police for the death of Mako Tabuni

JUBI and West Papua Media Alerts - The executive director, Poengky Indarti said that if the police suspected that Mako Tabuni was involved in recent acts of violence , they should have acted in accordance with the provisions of the Criminal Code

‘It is extremely regrettable that the police shot Mako Tabuni, as a result of which this activist died,’ she said.

She went on to say that the police would have needed evidence in order the conduct an investigation. and if they did have such evidence in this case, Mako Tabuni should have been taken into custody and treated as a suspect.

‘The procedure would then be for the police to summon the person in question for interrogation. He can only be detained if there is reason to fear that he may abscond or commit a further crime.

A person can indeed be arrested if he is caught red-handed. But bearing in mind that this was not the case, the action by the police in arresting and shooting Mako Tabuni was a violation of the criminal procedural code, KUHAP.

‘Even if he had resisted, the security forces should not have taken action that resulted in his death. If he had offered resistance with a sharp weapon or with a firearm, the police should have first warned him of the consequences, and if forced to shoot, they should have made sure that this would not cause any fatal injuries.’

The Imparsial executive-director said that it was also very regrettable that the death of Mako Tabuni had made the situation in Jayapura worse than ever. The response to his death by members of the KNPB has resulted in the situation in Jayapura becoming very tense indeed. ‘We urge the security forces to take greater care in handling a case like this, and they should always act in accordance with the provisions of the law.’

The failings of the police can only result in the situation getting worse, reinforcing the occurrence of further acts of violence and causing the people to feel even more insecure.

[Translated by TAPOL]