Imparsial responds to recent incidents in Papua

Imparsial responds to recent incidents in Papua

translation by TAPOL

The NGO, Imparsial said in a press release today that the recent violent incidents in Papua were the work of well-trained people with the capacity to plan such actions scrupulously. Their aim was to create a situation of uncertainty in an area ridden with conflict. Such incidents had occurred in the Timika area both before and after the recent parliamentary elections.

It was regrettable, according to the organisation, that the security personnel had not been vigilant enough and had not taken control, especially at the present time when a vibrant democratic process is underway in Indonesia. It called on the security forces not to identify the OPM as the mastermind behind the incident, at a time when no legal procedures had yet begun.

The organisation urged the police to uphold the law in their approach to the incidents of terror and violence in Timika, and also towards Freeport employees, in order to ensure that Papuan people can live in peace..

Imparsial also called on the political authorities to play an active role in creating favourable conditions in Papua to strengthen tranquillity within the community, especially in Timika.

It called on the President, in his capacity as the supreme political authority, and as commander of the armed forces, the head of the police and of the intelligence agency BIN to undertake an evaluation of all his personnel so as to protect the people of Indonesia and in particular the people of Papua.

It expressed the hope that the political elite at the national and local levels would respect the results of the recent elections and safeguard conditions for Indonesians, especially those living in Papua.

Meanwhile, Imparsial's director for external relations, Poengky Indarti said in a press conference called following the killing of an Australian and other persons in Papua, that there had been an escalation in violence in Papua in the days since the presidential election earlier this month. These incidents had not occurred in a vacuum but indicated a degree of political motivation.

The violent incidents were also evidence of intensifying political conditions in Jakarta at present. 'It is likely that these events are connected with certain interests related to the presidential election,' she said.

These incidents in Papua were the work of groups who want a situation of insecurity to flourish in Papua, ensuring that it continued to be an area of conflict. It should not be forgotten that incidents such these occurred in Timika, both before and after the parliamentary and presidential elections, she said.

The human rights co-ordinator of Imparsial, Al Araf called on the security forces not to accuse the OPM of being a terrorist organisation.'It is wrong to scapegoat groups before the incidents have been properly investigated', said Al Araf. 'The police must avoid making speculations without a clear basis in fact,' said Al Araf.