Indonesia Government Admits Papua Torture Video is Real

Indonesia Government Admits Papua Torture Video is Real

, 22 October 2010



Scenes from the video showing one of two men allegedly being tortured by members of the Indonesian Military (TNI). The government on Friday admitted the video is real and said soldiers implicated in the abuse had been taken into custody.








Jakarta. The Indonesia government has admitted that a shocking video of the torture of two Papuans is real and that the group of soldiers implicated in the abuse have been taken into custody.

The leaked video appears to show six soldiers burning their prisoners’ genitals and threatening them with knives, guns and a cigar. The exact identities and fate of the two men remains unclear.

Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Djoko Suyanto admitted on Friday that a preliminary report he had received showed the soldiers had taken excessive action against the Papuan men and that they had been taken into custody.

“As there has been excessive and unprofessional action by the soldiers, there will be certain sanctions imposed on them,” he said.

He said President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono had ordered an investigation and sanctions.

The graphic 10-minute video was posted on video-sharing Web site YouTube late last week under the title “Military Torture of Indigenous Papuans,” but was taken down on Monday morning.

Amnesty International on Wednesday demanded Indonesia investigate the allegations of torture by security forces in restive Papua province.

Amnesty also called for the government to appoint the National Human Rights Commission to lead the investigation and publish the findings while ensuring the safety of investigators, victims, witnesses and their families.

An edited version of the video can be viewed HERE