Indonesian security forces kill rebel suspect in Papua

Indonesian security forces kill rebel suspect in Papua


17 May 2010


Indonesian security forces shot dead a separatist rebel during a raid Monday in the country's easternmost province of Papua, a state media report said.

The raid, launched jointly by the police and members of the military, was on a rebel hideout in Puncak Jaya district, the state-run Antara news agency reported.

Papua police spokesman Agus Rianto was quoted as saying that the suspect, a member of the Free Papua Movement (OPM) who was identified only by his initials WT, was shot during the raid. He said police also seized a number of bullets.

Rianto said the dead man was responsible for a recent attack against workers in the region that killed three.

The OPM, a small group of separatist rebels, has been waging a low-key rebellion in Papua, formerly Irian Jaya, since the early 1960s.

Papua, a predominantly ethnic Melanesian and Christian province, is a former Dutch colony that became an Indonesian province in 1964 after a vote involving tribal leaders many regarded as a sham.