KNPB Activist arrested in Front of his secretariat

Below is a google translate of posting on KNPB web page. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.
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June 10, 2013 By: knpbtimika Category: News

Ogram Wanimbo and his friends were arrested by the Police.
Jayapura-KNPBNews: Activists of the National Committee of West Papua has always been a target of the authorities of the State, both military and police. KNPB who only speak the truth to the people of Papua, has now become the target apparatus. The importance of open space for the people of Papua democracy championed by KNPB, it is considered a separatist and treason by the authorities, and it showed with dibungkamnya Democracy in Papua by the Indonesian state apparatus.

This time, Sening, 6/10/2013, 11:30 am, officials indicate it is not human (brutality) with Papuan activists took up 3 people (activists KNPB) in front of the Secretariat KNPB, Sentani. When the activists were arrested not far from their secretariat, while still far from the imprisoned who want to take action. Police officers Pengkapan done secretly without showing an arrest warrant against the three activists, just confuse them. After three activists were arrested, taken to a third straight Jayapura police chief for questioning. Until this moment, according to B / B in via mobile, they are still being interrogated.

When asked if the police arrest warrant shows, B / B explained, there is no arrest warrant. continued, the three friends were surprised by the inclusion of their officers then arrested and taken to the Police. In his cell, B / B invoke the support and assistance of all parties to advocate for the victims of these arrests. POLICE ACTION KNPB Disband

The names of the arrested activists were police, ogram W; Tomo A; Agus A. until this moment, they are still being interrogated apparatus. More information will be conveyed.