Komnas HAM lists the Abuses on participants at the third Papuan congress

Indonesia - One of the participants at last month’s Papuan People’s Congress was Marten Luther Norotao. He got slammed in the back of the head with a rifle butt. Then allegedly an officer forced the muzzle of his gun into his mouth and fired. As by a wonder, he survived when the police clamped down the event on Oct. 19., though the bullet shattered his teeth and came out through his cheek.

Martinus Yoristouw wasn’t that lucky – he died when he was shot in the buttock and the bullet moved into his rib cage.

The police even give short shrift about the female participants: Salomina Mantanoi get caught by the police and was allegedly beaten.

Ifdhal Kasim, chairman of the National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) told the Jakarta Globe that the list of abuses is very long: “There was Yuliana Yeuw, who suffered a gunshot to her leg; Dolfianus Boikawai, who was whipped with a rattan rod and rifle-butted. There were many others who were tortured but haven’t been identified.”

The violence set in two hours after the conclusion of the congress, where participants raised the Morning Star flag. They also declared an independent West Papua and their own currency and national language.

The fierce crack down forces Komnas HAM to conduct an investigation. They reveal many human rights violations and concerning this Ifdahl Kasim said: “We want the president to accelerate the dialogue with Papuan people who represent all tribal groups!”
Please read also the article online in the Jakarta Globe and the statement of Amnesty International.