Local Peoples always being the victims of violence by security forces when they refused to cut sago trees

Tabloidjubi - Local Peoples of Wondama Bay, West Papua province, Indonesia, has always been the victims of violence by security forces. They were beaten and taken to the Police Office at Manokwari, to be processed
because they refused local government cutting down the sago trees to open the
road and other development.

Polly Sawaki, a local people at Wondama Bay say it to tabloidjubi.com in Campgrounds Arowi, Manokwari, Saturday (28/7). He admitted, development is often sacrificing sago trees in District Wondama Bay . Any development in the district often destroy population of sago. Not only that, this issue often continued to the court for trial.

A few days ago, local peoples protested against the destruction of sago to the government. This issue continues to this day. "Our peoples is always beaten by the police. They were taken to the police station to be processed because they refused to cut the sago trees, " said Polly. Local peoples do not want to lose the traditional food as well as their main food. Sago tree is maintained for source of people's life .

Local peoples of Wondama Bay did not want the local goverment destroying the populations of sago. They also do not want to be a victim road widening and construction of housing. "We do not want our village destroyed. So, although we are become the victims of violence, sago still be maintained," said Polly.
(Jubi/Musa Abubar/Victor Mambor)


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