Man shot dead at Puncak Jaya cafe

Man shot dead at Puncak Jaya cafe

, 6 December 2010
By: Nethy Dharma Somba


It seems that shooting incidents in Papua will never end. The fatal shooting of Riswandi Yusuf on Nov. 28 has not been solved and has been followed by yet another shooting in which a motorcycle taxi driver was killed on Saturday.

Muhammad Amas, 40, was shot dead by an unidentified man at Coklat Cafe in Mulia, the capital of Puncak Jaya regency.

The incident happened at 7:30 p.m. when Amas and four friends were unwinding with a round of karaoke.

“The victim died instantly after being shot three times in the abdomen, hand and neck,” Papua Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Wachyono said when contacted by The Jakarta Post on Sunday.

The victim, whose four companions included two soldiers, was fatally shot with an AK 47 rifle by an unidentified man at the entrance to the cafe. “The man shot and hit the victim,” Wachyono said.

The two soldiers gave return shots and chased after the man, who managed to disappear into the night.

“The victim was rushed to Mulia Hospital and was flown to Nabire the next day for burial,” he explained.

According to the Post’s records, there have been six deadly incidences in Puncak Jaya this year, with none of the perpetrators being apprehended.

The first incident of the year occurred on Feb. 15, with the death of Second Private Sahrul Malulau, a member of Papua’s Mobile Brigade, who was shot dead by an unidentified man.

It was followed by killing of a motorcycle taxi driver named Musanif Kulanca, who was found dead with stab wounds to the head.

On April 13, three workers of PT Modern — Hans Ramandey, Elimus Ramandey and Abdullah — were shot dead by an unidentified group of men and on Aug. 4, Atril Wahid was shot dead in his home in Wuneri village.