MRP issues two important decisions

MRP issues two important decisions


The Majelis Rakyat Papua (MRP), Papuan People's Council, has issued two decisions relating to the question of affirmative action for the indigenous Papuan people. They are related to some basic rights of the indigenous Papuan people and preserving the cultural integrity of the Papuan people.

The chairman of the MRP, Agus Alua, said that the texts of the two decisions were not yet available for publication as they have only just been adopted by a plenary session.' Speaking to journalists, he was accompanied by first deputy chairman of the MRP Frans Wospakrik, and the second deputy chairman Hana Hikoyabi.

Agus Alua said that the two decisions had been adopted because the Council has not seen any actions in line with the principle of affirmative action as stipulated in Law No 21, 2001 of Special Autonomy for Papua.

'For example,' he said, 'a decision has been taken for a quota of eleven seats (in the DPRP) being set aside for indigenous Papuans but these seats have been grabbed by the central government and given to the political parties which will contest for the seats on 9 April.'

The other problem was the the Papuans were being divided from each other. For instance, tribes living in various districts appear to be reluctant to accept into their midst Papuans from other districts. Bus, as for the newcomers (a reference to Indonesian migrants now living in West Papua), they are free to enter these districts.'

'If things like this are allowed to continue, we fear that Papuans will start being antagonistic towards each other.'

These views were reiterated by Frans Wospakrik, who explained that the the two ideas had been submitted to the Governor and the Papuan Legislative Assembly (DPRP) last year but there had as yet been no response from either of them.

'This is why we therefore decided to turn them into decisions of the MRP, in the hope that they will be taken over and enacted in the form of a special decsion for the Province of Papua.