MRP members criticise for demanding higher salaries

Cenderawasih Pos - The head of personnel affairs of the Province of Papua, Drs Yesaya Buiney, said he was very concerned that members of the MPRP (Majelis Rakyat Papua, Papuan People's Council) had been involved in a demonstration last week calling for a higher salary.

They were representatives of the Papuan people, he said, and they needed to uphold basic norms. 'Such an action was excessive because there were other ways to give voice to their aspirations,' he said.

He also questioned the appropirateness of such action because MRP members were receiving Rp20 million, whereas government employees in the second echelon are only paid Rp3 million, plus allowances of Rp1.5 million, much lower than what MRP members get.' He said it all depended on how people handle their income and if they are wasteful, then of course it wont be enough.

MRP members should take a look at the conditions of the Papuan people many of whom are living in poverty..

'We should always bear in mind that there are many people who are much worse off than we are, so we should not be demanding too much.''

He agreed with recent remarks by the district chief of Jayawijaya who said that while the MRP as an institute was okay, the ones who need to improve are the members of the MRP.

Translation by Tapol