Papua police on alert ahead of presidential electi

Papua police on alert ahead of presidential election

Jakarta Post
The Archipelago

TIMIKA, Papua: Papuan police have increased security measures ahead of the upcoming presidential elections to ensure against any possible disruption to the nationwide vote by armed groups.

The upgrade took place in a number of particular areas, including the regencies of Puncak Jaya, Pegunungan Bintang and Supiori, anticipated as the areas most likely to see a disturbance from armed groups.

"A series of violent attacks during and after the recent legislative elections has taught police a good lesson," Papua deputy chief Brig. Gen. Ahmad Riadi Koni said, referring to a bomb attack in Jayapura, gas station blast in Biak and a murder in Wamena.

"Files on the suspects from the Jayapura attack have been handed over to the local prosecutors office for further legal processing," he said.

Riadi Koni said the inaccessible mountain regions will be the most prone to security threats both throughout the campaign period and on voting day.

"But all the preparations *for strengthening security* have been made," he added. - JP