Papua promotion office opens in Frankfurt

Papua promotion office opens in Frankfurt

The Jakarta Post (website), Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A promotion office aimed at promoting the region of Papua in the European Union has officially opened on Sunday, Papuan gubernatorial spokesman said Tuesday.

"The Papua Promotion House Europe (PPHE) was officially opened by Paupuan governor Barnabas Suebu in Frankfurt on March 8," Mathias Rafra said, as quoted by

The PPHE is aimed to serve as a one-stop information center for European Union residents, he added.

According to Governor Suebu, the initiative is part of efforts to increase cooperation in tourism, socio-culture, trade and investment.

"This isn't set up for political reasons, especially since Germany and Papua share a common history. Two Germans, Ottow and Geissler were the first to bring Papua from the primitive era to modernity," Suebu is reported as saying. (amr)