Papua Road Map launched

Papua Road Map launched

Article slightly abridged in translation by TAPOL


Papuans have expressed their gratitude for a peaceful solution to the conflict between Jakarta and Papua as promoted in the book, Papua Road Map, which is the result of years of investigation undertaken by a team of LIPI, the Indonesian Academy of Sciences since 2004.

These were the sentiments expressed by Thaha al Hamid, secretary-general of Presidium Dewan Papua, the Papuan Presidium Council.

'This book offers a new perspective for the solution of the Jakarta-Papua conflict and opens the way towards a more mature democracy,' he said, at a meeting held to launch the book in Jakarta on Tuesday.

He went on to explain that the book raises four questions and four solutions, which would pave the way to a good political solution without the use of force.'

'Until now, the military approach has been used, but in this book, a peaceful process is advocated, a process with dignity, by means of dialogue,' he said.

For more than forty years, he said, the government has taken the military and legalistic approach towards Papua.

'Many Papuans have lost their lives or have been convicted for subversion (makar) which has not helped solve the problem.'

He expressed the hope that this book would be recognised as paving the way towards the solution of the conflict..

''Let us all, the government and the Papuan people, press for the realisation of what has been advocated in this book. We are absolutely certain that dialogue is far, far better than war and bloodshed,' he said.

The PDP was founded in 2000 as the representative body of the Papuan people for a peaceful solution. The founding congress mandated the organisation to resolve the conflict by means of dialogue.