Papua to hold open dialogue on recent attacks

Papua to hold open dialogue on recent attacks

The Jakarta Post

Papua administration is planning to open a dialogue involving every elements in the society to discuss and achieve common ground on the recent attacks and terrors in the province.

"We have agreed to hold the forum in the coming days," Papua Deputy Governor Alex Hasegem said as quoted by on the sidelines of the province's Development Planning Meeting opening on Friday.

He said the dialogue was crucial to avoid terror to spread and suspicion within the public.

A series of attacks have struck Papua since election day last week, killing 12 people so far. The latest death involved a motorcycle taxi (ojek) driver who was killed in Wamena on Sunday evening.

Papua police had requested a 200-strong personnel from the National Police Headquarters and the South Sulawesi Police to backup security.

Alex said that the situation in the the province was still "conducive", but the central government found it necessary to increase security personnel number. (dre)