Papuan women angry about failure to provide them with permanent market

Tabloid Jubi


The Rev Dora Baluban, co-ordinator of Solpap, Solidarity of Indigenous Papuan traders, said that their organisation is being treated like a ping pong ball by the provincial administration because of their failure for so many years to provide women traders - mama-mama
- with a permanent market-place.

'We have made so many attempts to get a permanent market place for indigenous Papuan women but as yet, nothing has happened,' she told journalists.

Solpap has been trying to get a permanent market place for the women traders since 2004 but after six years, nothing has happened. Back in 2009, the government promised that they would make available land used by perum Damri but to this day, nothing has happened. ' It is apparent that Damri is not willing to vacant the land.

She said that they have had so many promises by the government but to no avail. She said that the government is treating Solpap like a ping pong ball, hitting us here, there and everywhere.

The government also promised to provide Rp 10 billion to build the
market place but this has not yet happened either. One of the traders, Yuliana Pigai, said the government has made so many promises but has failed to do anything.

'This is our right and the government should keep its promises,' she said.

[Translated by TAPOL]