Police allege OPM have occupied airfield

Police allege OPM have occupied airfield


For two days, members of the OPM have been occupying the airfield at Mamberamoraya. The police have been trying to persuade them to leave but now say that if they engage in any dangerous actions, they could face arrest.. 'If our attempts at persuasion meet with no response, we will take action against them,' said the head of public relations of the police command, on 20 May

He alleged that the men are armed with three firearms, arrows and a spear. According to the police, the OPM group is led by Deki Imbiri and Alex Makabori, who have organised a total of 150 youths in the district. The police allege that they are often engaged in warlike training and also raise the Morning Star flag.

This has been going on for a month, according to the police, with the aim of causing disturbances in government and disturbing development activities by the community.

The police say that they are in touch with local community leaders and the local church regarding this matter.

The local bupati said that there have been a number of security disturbances by OPM separatists who have succeeded in recruiting local youths and involving them in warlike training.

[COMMENT. We have as yet received no information from any Papuan sources about the alleged activities of any OPM group in this area. or indeed in other parts of West Papua. TAPOL]