Police Arrest 165 Papua in Latest Papua Tribal Clash

Jakarta Globe - As the Jakarta Globe reported, the Police arrested 165 tribesmen from the village of Kwamki Lama in Mimika, Papua, on Wednesday, after another outbreak of violence between residents of three neighborhoods in the village. The violent conflict between the tribes Amole and Harapan has been going on for months. At least three people have died and dozens more been injured. But the Wednesday morning clash was the first time Karang Senang got involved.

Karang Senang tribesmen have denounced Harapan for dragging their tribe into the conflict by attacking four of its members. The attack took place at about 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

Four houses in Harapan kampung were set on fire by the attackers, most of whom carried bows and arrows.

The Police arrested 165 Papua people, many of whom were armed, had fled in the jungle.
Obviously the Papuan have no trust in the authorities so they had to solve their problems by themselves.

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