Police break up rally in Abepura

The security forces broke up a rally called by the KNPB to support West Papua's application for membership of the MSG. Since early this morning police stood guard at the University gate in Abepura.
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Future action is intercepted KNPB Jayapura Police Station in Campus Gate II Uncen (Jubi / Mawel)

Jayapura, 10/6 (Jubi) - Police Jayapura, Monday (10/6), managed to
disperse the demonstration blocking and West Papua National Committee
(KNPB) in order to support the entry into West Papua Melanesia Sparehead
Group (MSG) to be performed the MSG summit in New Caledonia, June 18.

Police since early morning start on guard at a rallying point. At the
gate of Paradise Campus I University (Uncen) in Padangbulan, Abepura,
Jayapura, Papua and Campus II Uncen in Waena Housing III Abepura,
Jayapura. At the campus gate Uncen II, police guard with Tamen, guns,
cars baracuda, Dalmas trucks, cars and motorcycles patrol.

Robongan KNPB down from the hostel Uncen About a 09.00 CEST. Police have
prepared blocking group led Buchtar Tabuni, Chairman of the National
Parliament of West Papua (PNWP). Command car, loudspeakers, and the
generator was seized by the police.

Once seized, the police called a mass demonstration broke up. Before
disbanding, the mass had lasted at Gate Campus Uncen Waena. Police
continue menyeruhkan to demonstrators who gathered at the gate in order
to disperse Uncen Waena.

"Younger siblings, demo today dismissed because there is no permit,"
said Kiki Kurnia AKP mengapon use. Therefore, Kiki, who led the police
asked hundreds of demonstrators to disperse before things happen beyond

"If enforced, there will be things that we do not want, the brothers
tangung own risk," said Kiki again in a patrol car. Finally, Bucthtar
mengarakan Tabuni decided to demo the people who own path towards Papua
DPRP office use taxis and motorcycles.

"I had communications with friends in the DPRP. DPRP party let us convey
aspirations. Therefore, if you want to get there, their own ways to use
motorcycles and taxis, "he said.

Prior to the DPRP office, Buchtar Tabuni, Chairman of the National
Parliament of West Papua PNWP) this, submit comments on the ambush. "We
will not disband because we will," he said again.

According Bucthar, attitudes and police applied the model to continue.
"Today we are limited, as this will continue. This model of
colonization, "its value. He continued, this occupation models, contains
a political struggle over values. "We are pleased that the father - the
father is here. Because, this is our strength, "he said.

Having said that, Buchtar Tabuni through the residential street towards
the T-junction go Uncen lecturer III in the National Housing Authority
with further goals to DPRP (Papuan People's Representative Council).
Police work from behind. At that time, there was a minor incident.

"Police chased Group Bucthar Dormitory Direction heading to Putra Uncen.
KNPB children mancul nothing else, "said Timothy, residents Waena, who
was present at the scene. Until this news was written, the police are
still on guard around the campus gate Uncen II. (Jubi / Mawel)