Police does not grant permission for demonstrations for the commemoration of the “International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples” in West Papua

The planned activities related to the “International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples” in several West Papuan cities on 09 August 2012 have not been authorized by the Indonesian police.

In Jayapura and Serui Human Rights activists tried to organize peaceful demonstartions for the comemmoration of the “International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples” in accordance with legal procedures at the poilice station in charge. In both cities the local police did not grant permission for the peaceful
In Jayapura activists planned to carry out a demonstartion at Taman Imbi Jayapura, which finally could not take place. The public coordinator of the demonstartion, Alius Asso, publicly expressed his disappointment towards the police's behavior at local newspapers.

According to the regional police Papua the organizer did not fulfill all formal preconditions.


In Serui, where a rally was organized by WPNA Serui, demonstrators started to gahter at 09.00 am.
The police had not granted permission, although Human Rights activists had registered the demonstartion at the district police office Serui. As protestors from Mantembu village wanted to walk to the city center of Serui, carrying banners with the slogan “Indigenous Peoples Rights” and “West Papua Deprived of Democracy”.


The demonstrators also critized the ongoing sweeping operations at Yapen Island who caused many indigenous villagers to flee into the jungle because of fear. At present many security forces are still located at mantembu villge. The local population does not feel safe and many do not follow their dayly activities.


Before the protestors arrived at the center of Serui, security forces from TNI and police, under the direction of the head of the district police Yapen island, ROKY HARILANGI S. IP., cracked down the rally by releasing 16 warning shots, because the demonstration had been carried out without the permission of the district police.


During the crack down at least 6 people were arrested:
1. Edison Kendi (Vice Governor of transitional government at Saireri region)
2. Yan Maniamboy (Regent of transitional government at Saireri region)
3. Daniel Kandipi
4. Matius Peday
5. Bram Wainarisi
6. Ruben Bonay

After the arrests the police forces directly went to Mantembu vullage to search the house of Mr. DAUD ABON, who was appointed as the Governor of the transitional Government of the Federal Republic of West Papua, in Saireri region, durin the third Papua Congress on October 2011.


The police confiscated a laptop, WPNA documents, a sound system and also arrested Mr. Daud Abon's wife, named Yosina Abon-Pangkurei (at present 8 months pregnant), and Ratna Semboari without showing a warrant.
According to eyewitnesses Mrs. Yosina Abon-pangkurai was dragged out of her house and forced to enter a police car. There is no information yet whether Mrs Abon Pangkurei has already been released.
There is information that she suffers pain at custody because of the excessive use of force during the arrest.


The only peaceful rally related to the “International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples” took place at Manokwari and were organised by the by the Papuan Customary Council (DAP).

The demonstration started at the local office of the papua Customary Council at Pahlawan Sanggeng road.
Many protestors brought Morning Star flags to the meeting pint, which they also took along during the long march to Elim Kwawi Church. The entire demonstration was monitored by police forces.

At the church yard JACK WANGGAI, spoekes man of the Federal Republik West Papua, made a political speech in which he stated that Papuan people will never live in prosperity as long as they are part of Indonesia. People should fight for a sovereign Papua, which should administrate itself by becoming a own country, having a own president, vice president, ministers, governors, regents, mayors
and head of districts, which should all be indigenous Papuans.


He also read a statement which demanded the immediate release of all political prisoners including the president and the prime minister of the Federal Republic of West Papua and restablishment sovereignity status of Papuan nation.