Police hit by arrows in village clash

Police hit by arrows in village clash
The Jakarta Post, Timika

Markus Makur, 16 April 2010


Three police officers were injured when they attempted to break up clashing villagers in Timika, Papua, on Thursday.

The incident flared up at 10:30 a.m. local time when hundreds of people from the upper group joined those from Mambruk who were going to attack members from the lower group in Kwamki Lama to avenge the reported death of a fellow villager.

However, a police squad had arrived to halt the march, making them the prey of the group.

They villagers shot arrows and tossed rocks at the police who responded by firing warning shots.

“The upper group, who had gathered in the field in front of the Kios Panjang market in Kwamki Lama, were enraged and attacked the police with arrows and stones,” Mimika Police intelligence unit chief Adj. Comr. H.T. Silalahi said.

Police retreated on a truck to lower group area but the assailants continued to shoot arrows and pelt them.

First Brig. Kanisius Jehabut from the intelligence unit and First Brig. Ansar from the riot unit were clipped by arrows, Kanisius on his back and Ansar on his hand. They were rushed to nearby hospitals.

The third victim was First Brig. Semi from the mobile brigade unit who was hit by a stone.

“The upper group wanted to attack the lower group following Wednesday’s incident in which a member from the upper group, identified as Kalelo Kogoya, was shot with 20 arrows.

“The victim is currently being treated at in intensive care. The upper group received information that their colleague had died, but he is still undergoing treatment,” Silalahi said.