Police investigating flag-flying in Papua

Police investigating flag-flying in Papua

Cenderawasih Pos
Abridged translation by TAPOL

The police in Papua are investigating the case of flags that were flown in five places in Papua on 1 July, the anniversary of the OPM.

Nurhabri, head of public relations of the police, said that it was not entirely true to say that flags had flown because on this occasion, the flags had been taken to several places and left there, after which those who left them there had then fled the scene.

He called on the press not to exaggerate the event because according to him, the flags incident was the work of 'irresponsible' people, and moreover, no one had taken responsibility for the incident.

He then mentioned places where flags were reported to have been flown in the districts of Arso, Keerom and Sentani. and possibly also in Waena.

The flags were pulled down after the police had been informed of their appearance.

There is no information yet as to the identity of the people concerned.