Post card action: The West Papua Network demands respect for human rights in Papua

Through a post card action, the German West Papua Network calls upon the Indonesian president to make sure that Indonesia respects its international human rights obligations in Papua. The occasion for this action are tidings of extra judicial killings that we received at the turn of the year. Here are several names and dates:

25 January 2009: Simon Fader was shot in Timika

24 January 2009: NN was shot in Merauke, another person was severely wounded.

1 January 2009: The body of Abraham Marweri (20) from Doyo/Sentani was found, showing marks of several bayonet stabs.

15 November 2008: Melyanus Yawandare (61) from Tindaret/Yobi village was killed by Indonesian security forces.

19 October 2008: Yosias Syet from Waibron village in Sentani was found death in his house. His body showed bulled and stab wounds.

9 August 2008: Opinnus Tabuni (49) was deadly hit by a police bullet during a public manifestation.

24 January 2009: Gold searchers in Timika were driven away during a military operation. Many were injured.

19 January 2009: shows the beginning of military operations in Mulia, in which 30 houses were burnt down and livestock was slaughtered.

Furthermore we have received reports of torture in prisons and police detention.

The image on the postcard shows Opinus Tabuni, shortly after he was hit by a police bullet.

Churches and human rights organizations in Papua have raised the case of Opinus Tabuni in a letter to the UN Special Rapporteur on Extra Judicial killings, mr Philip Alston. This letter has been co-signed by several international organizations.

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