Recommendations by Papuan People's Consultative Assembly and Indigenous people of Papua

Jayapura 9-10 June 2010


14 June, 2010

In accordance with statement of the Papuan People`s Consultative Assembly and Indigenous Papuan groups that Special Autonomy Law 21/2001 which has been in force for nine years, has FAILED, the following recommendations were agreed:

  1. That the Special Autonomy Law should be handed back to the Government of the Republic of Indonesia.
  2. That the Papuan people demand that DIALOGUE be held mediated by a neutral International mediator.
  3. That the Papuan people demand the holding of a REFERENDUM directed towards political independence.
  4. That the Papuan people demand that the Government of the Republic of Indonesia recognises the restoration of the sovereignty of people of West Papua which was proclaimed on 1st December 1961
  5. That the Papuan people urge the International community to impose an embargo on International aid being provided for the implementation of Special Autonomy in the land of Papua.
  6. That there is no need to for revisions to be made to Law 21/2001 on Special Autonomy for the Province of Papua and West Papua with reference to Law 35/2008 on Revision of Law 21/2001 bearing in mind that the said Law in proven to have FAILED.
  7. That all proceedings for the election of heads of district throughout the land Papua should be halted and call on the Governor of Papua and Governor of West Papua, the DPRP, the DPRD-West Papua and district heads and mayors throughout the land of Papua immediately discontinue the provision of funds for the holding of these elections.
  8. That the central Government, the Province of Papua and the Province of West Papua as well as districts and municipalities in the land of Papua end transmigration from outside Papua and impose strict supervision on the flow of migration by people from outside the land of Papua.
  9. That the Papuan people urge the Central Government, the Government of Province of Papua and the DPRP and the DPRD West Papua to release all Papuan Political prisoners being held in prisones everywhere in Indonesia.
  10. That the Central Government immediately carry out demilitarisation throughout of the whole land of Papua.
  11. That the consultation held by the MRP and Papuan indigenous groups calls for the Freeport Indonesia company to be closely down immediately.