Six KNPB activists on trial for subversion

JUBI (translated by TAPOL)


Six KNPB (National Committee of West Papua) activists from Timika are on trial. The first hearing of the case was held on 7 February.

After the indictment was read out followed by a demurer from the defendants. The lawyer for the defence, Olga Hamadi spoke to JUBI after the hearing and explained a number of points:

1. The way the case has proceeded so far is in violation of the
procedures stipulated in the Criminal Code.
2. The indictment presented by the prosecutor is not well drawn up,
it lacks clarity and is unclear about which article in the criminal code is being used.

The defence team also said that the pre-trial interrogation of the accused had failed to comply with the rule of law. They therefore called for the charges to be dropped, for the defendants to be released and for their clients to be rehabilitated.

The next hearing in the trial will be held on 21 February on which occasion a further statement will be made by the prosecutor.

The names of five of the men on trial are Yakonias Womsiwor, Paulus Maryom, Alfret Marsyom, Steven Itlay and Romario Yatipai.They are charged with making traditional Wayar arrows used by Biak people and are being charged under Article 106 of the Criminal Code (makar) along with Article 55.

Alongside these five men, another person named Yanto Awerkion is charged with using bombs traditionally used by coastal people and is charged under Article 1, para (1) of Emergency Law 12/1951.