Sweeping Operations conducted by the police forces of YAPEN ISLAND District Police cause Displacement of Villagers from ANKAISERA District

On 29 May 2012 police and military (TNI-POLRI) forces from Yapen had attacked a base camp for military education, which was organized by the police and military of Saireri District, of the transitional Government of the Federal Republic of West Papua (NRFPB) at Wanampompi village, Angkaisera district.


One member of the Papuan military forces (TPN), named John Nuntea, was arrested and all evidence like a Morning Star flag, a generator, a list with the names of personnel and other documents were confiscated during the TNI-Polri attack.


Source: JPIC / GKI


Due to the evidence found during the attack, Indonesian police forces have repeatedly terrorized and intimidated civillians: people living close to the Angkaisera district police station are in steady panic because the police fires with blank cartridge every evening and hits people if they do not have any identity cards.


The above mentioned harassments are conducted on the basis of a search list, which was made by the District Police of Yapen Island. The police procedures have caused a widespread fear among the people at Angkaisera.


Many have tried to save themselves from the police 's scare tactics and have fled to forests, where they live in improvised camps. All families, whose familiy members have been listed on the police search list are still hiding in the jungle until now.


Source: JPIC / GKI


Related to the above mentioned situation, the local government of Yapen through the regent and the chairperson of the local parliament called on the refugees hiding in the jungle to return to their houses.

The refugees have not followed this appeal.


Many of them are still afraid to return to their homes, bacause they were not given any guarantee that the district police of Yapen Island will stop further prosecution. At present the police still continues to conduct sweeping operations in villages of Angkaisera district.


According to the data, which could be collected in the field there are still three families, namely the families of Yahai Bonai, Lamores Bonai and Hengky Anderi, seeking refuge in the jungle.


They have not returned to their homes yet.