The Evangelical Church of the Land of Papua

The Evangelical Church of the Land of Papua

Abridged in translation by TAOL

On 6 May the police in Sentani shot dead Agustinus Ohe, a resident of Harapan Kampung. He had been shot in the leg and later died from loss of blood.

The police claimed that they opened fire because Agus was about to attack the police with his knife.

A witness, Arnold Ongge, 18, said that he and the victim along with Salmon Ohe had been drinking whisky when he held up a vehicle. Arnold and Salmon had tried to save the victim but were scared because the victim was drunk and was holding a knife.

Soon after, the members of the Sentani police force arrived and ordered them to get onto the police van. When Agus resisted, a police approached him from behind and struck him on the back of the head with his rifle butt. Meanwhile, Arnold jumped down from the police van, shouting, 'Shoot! Shoot!'

A police brigadier who has since been identified as PSH opened fired and hit Agus Ohe in the leg from a range of 2 metres. Agus later died from loss of blood.

The death of Agus Ohe, the son of the chief of the Harapan clan, angered local reidents who came out onto the streets. They cut down some large trees which they used the barricade the street, causing extensive traffic jams.

Local people have called for the perpetrator to be dismissed and brought to trial speedily because three Harapan residents have recently by shot dead by the police whereas no one has been brought to justice for these crimes.