The murder of Abraham Marweri

Report of the Justice Peace and Integrity of the Creation Desk of the GKI-Tanah Papua

The murder of Abraham Marweri

On 1 January 2009, the blood-soaked body of Abraham Marweri, 29 years, of kampung Doyo Lama, District of Waibu, Sentani was discovered by the roadside leading to the District of Genyem. He had died from thirteen stab wounds all over this body. The victim's family are convinced he was murdered by members of Battalion 751, TNI, Kemiri, Sentani, Jayapura who had a few hours earlier been arguing with the family of Marthen Luther Marweri in Dusun Pasir, Dojo Lama kampung. Abraham was not the son of Marthen Luther Marweri and was not involved in the argument with members of Battalion 751 but became the victim of the row.

Incident in detail

On 1 January, Risal Marweri, the son of Marthen Luther Marweri, while under the influence of alcohol stopped a man riding a motor cycle and asked him for money. The man had no money so Risal stole his mobile.

A non-Papuan, later identified by the initials NN went to the location of this incident along with five members of Battalion 751, riding on three motorbikes. They asked Risal to return the mobile immediately but Risal refused to do so. NN then offered Risal Rp.300,000 but another soldier said there was no need to give any money, pulled out a knife and said that he was a soldier. The older brother of Risal also pulled out a knife and said he was a member of the police. Risal then contacted his father in Doyo Lama to come fast and bring a chopper and arrow to help deal with the five soldiers.

Soon after this, Marthen Marweri arrived home in Dusun Pasir, kampung Doyo Lama. When he saw Marthen, NN and his friends fled on the motorbikes but were chased by Marthen. The men on the motorbikes panicked and collided with each other and left the scene before Marthen and his sons had arrived. The three motorbikes were lying on the ground, badly damaged.

At 2.00pm, a battalion truck carrying a number of armed soldiers from Battalion 751 drove to the home of Marthen Marweri and chased several people on the way. When they arrived at Marweri's home, there were police on guard so the truck turned back. But one of the men said that they would return before nightfall.

At 6.30pm villagers at Dusum Pasir saw an army truck enter Pasir; they were very afraid and didn't leave their homes that night.

At 9.00pm, Abraham left home and went to visit his older brother, Aser Marweri at Pusun Pasir, kampung Doyo Lama to attend an end of year celebration in kampung Yakonda. Before setting out, Abraham said that he would be returning on Monday to collect his uniform and go to the Jayapura police post because he had been informed that he had passed his exam to become a member of the auxiliary Police. He left home by motorbike.

At 11.30pm Ondoafi Marweri received news that his younger brother Abraham had been found dead in the street about 100 meters from the home of Marthen Luther Marweri, close by the road leading to his older brother Aser Marweri's home. He had been stabbed thirteen times in the front and the back and his body had then been dragged out and left on the street.

Abraham's family in Doyo Lama said they knew nothing about any fight between Marthen Marweri and members of Battalion 751 because kampung Doyo Lama was about 10 kms away from the central kampung, Doyo Lama.

When Assistant Deputy Commander of Jayapura met members of the victim's family and the heads of eight local tribes on 7 January, he promised to follow up the report he had received to the military commander of Trikora VVII/Trikora and the chief of police of Papua.