The mysterious death of Agus Rewang

The mysterious death of Agus Rewang

Abridged in translation by TAOL

Another death has occurred, this time in the municipality of Jayapura, when Agus Demianus Rewang, 45, died after being held in custody for five days by the police in the district of Muara Tami.

The victim was arrested by the police on 30 April for allegedly causing an affray and other misdeeds, in violation of Articles 406 and 335 of the Criminal Code.

On 1 May, the police handed over the arrest warrant (for Agus) to the head of the kampung, not to the family of the victim. Then, on 5 May, the police delivered the body of the victim in a coffin to his home in dock II 9, North Jayapura along with a card mounted on a cross, containing the victim's name, his date of birth and his date of death.

The police said that when the victim fell ill, he was given Rp 40,000

(US$4.00) and told to go to Jayapura for treatment, but the police later heard that he had died. They said they had heard that he had committed a crime across the border in PNG.

His colleagues said that if this was the case, he should have been arrested by PNG police.

The family of the victim has not been informed of the results of any autopsy. A witness, together with a doctor who were in the operating theatre (where the victim was treated?) said that they noticed black bruises on the victim's back while there blood was oozing from his mouth.

The victim was one of the many Papuans who fled to PNG in 1984 following the killing of Arnold Ap. He returned home to West 2005 but frequently visited his wife and children who remained behind in PNG.

At the beginning of April this year, the secutiy forces intensified security along the border between Indonesia and PNG. in the wake of an armed skirmish between the Indonesian security forces and armed groups in the border region.

The GKI report includes three photographs, one of the victim on a bed surrounded by medical personnel, one of his backside and one of his coffin with a photo of the victim on top.