This year, Jakarta-Papua Dialogue Held

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Jayapura (15/1)-After a visit to Papua Papua problem solving related to
the September 2012 and, Member of the Presidential Advisory Council
(Watimpres) Legal Affairs and Human Rights, Albert Hasibuan, claimed to
have given consideration to the President of the Republic of Indonesia,
Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY ).

"I've given consideration, settlement of problems in Papua should be
discussed together. Answer President welcomes it, "said Albert, when met
after attending a Christmas Eve celebration with the National Mandate
Party in Jayapura, Papua, on Sunday night (13/1).

According to Albert, he also has been visited by several Papuan leaders
like Father Neles Tebay and Beny Giay, and several other religious
leaders from Papua. "They are pushing for a dialogue and hopefully
dialogue can be carried out in the year 2013. But I do not know exactly
in what month, "he said.

It's just that according to Albert, his work in that direction
(stimulated dialogue). For everyone, including the president expects
peaceful land for Papua. "I think everyone, including the president and
have a willingness to work towards it (dialogue) and a matter of time,"
he said.

While other considerations to the President, the former member of the
National Commission on Human Rights, the Special Autonomy (Autonomy) for
Papua to be fully realized, either by line in the region, and the
central government.
"The others, the Commission must be held in Papua real and had to go to
Papua, since many Papuan people complain, they ask questions about how
the Special Autonomy Fund's accountability. So that the Commission
should be here (Papua), "said Albert.

Just FYI, when Albert who became members of the Commission, he was once
the Chief Investigator Violations (KPP HAM) East Timor (1999), KPP HAM
Abepura (2000), Chairman of KPP HAM Trisakti, Semanggi I and Semanggi II
(2001), and was inducted into Watimpres Legal Affairs and Human Rights
in January 2012 ago.

On his visit to Papua as Watimpres, Albert met the ranks of government
in Papua and Jayawijaya. Among them, MRP, Papua Police Headquarters and
Makodam XVII Cenderawasih, NGO leaders, and church leaders. This visit,
follow-up meetings with the community leaders in Papua Wantimpres Office
on July 3, 2012 before. (Jubi / Levi)