Three KNPB activsts to be tried for subversion

Three KNPB activsts to be tried for subversion

Cenderawasih Pos
Abridged in translation by TAPOL

Three activists of the Komite Nasional Papua Barat (National Committee of West Papua) have been declared suspects following interrogation by the police in Papua.

The three men are Mako Tabuni also known as Musa Tabuni, Serafin Diaz and Yance Motte. They will face charges under Article 106 (makar -

subversion) and or Article 160 (incitement), for pursing the aim of separating part of the territory of Indonesia.

The three men are currently in police custody.

Police chief Inspector-General FX Bagus Ekodanto said that the three had been arrested in connection with the demonstration outside Expo Waena, outside the police station in Abepura and outside the provincial assembly building (DPRP)on 10 March.

The first two men were arrested as they disembarked from KM Labobar at the Yos Sudarso harbour on 3 April, while the third man was taken into custody when he was arrested along with 14 others during a police raid on the office of DAP, the Papuan Customary Council.

At the demonstration on 10 March organised by the KNPB, they called for a referendum and demanded independence, while calling on Papuan people not to voting in the forthcoming elections (golput).

Although Serafin Diaz has described himself as coming from East Timor, the police allege that this is untrue and he is, according to them, from Nusa Tenggara Timur. [As a citizen of Timor Leste, it would create difficulties for the courts to formally charge him. It remains to be seen whether the authorities in Timor Leste take any action to protect him against facing charges in Indonesia. TAPOL]

The police also claim that Musa Tabuni is the public relations officer of KNPB, an organisation well known for its connection with Buchtar Tabuni who is currently on trial following his role in a demonstration which took place on 16 October last year. [This demonstration took place to welcome the launch of International Parliamentarians for West Papua in London. TAPOL]

In reply to journalists who asked whether others too could be involved in the case, the police chief said further investigations were underway. 'We intend to take this case further to see whether other people are involved.'