Towards a proffesional and accountable police

Towards a proffesional and accountable police

Press Release from Kontras

Eleven years have passed since POLRI-Indonesian National Police (INP) dependency towards civil institution is a long process towards democratic and professional. Aside from its duty to enforce the law, INP institution also has function to maintain order, to protect, and serve their community based on principles of human rights. This dream needs to be achieved through a thorough structural, instrumental and cultural reform effort within its body.

Internally, INP have a strategic plan for period from 2005-2025 which will establish changes in political and law policy, this also covers the efforts to harvest trust from their community

In order to support INP effort to establish democratic, accountable policing institution and to accelerate security sector reform, various civil society supports is needed, especially civil society which are working on the issues of justice and human rights. One of the initiatives is the development of knowledge on understanding policing – both in conceptual and practical analysis – for all human rights activist. The initiative from Amnesty International is further developed to supports police institutional reform in many countries, including Indonesia. The references for the community and even police members throughout various countries.

To improve civil society trust towards INP institution (trust building) and partnership building.ParticipantsThe event is a Seminar on Understanding Policing: Towards POLRI professionalism The participants are 120 students from SESPIM POLRI and 40 members representing civil society, human rights activist which come from Jakarta, Aceh, North Sumatera, Riau, Southern Sumatera, NTT, West Java, West Kalimantan, Central Java, East Java, Central Sulawesi, Ambon, and Papua.

The seminar held on Wednesday July 29th 2009 at 09.00-15.00 at SESPIM POLRI, Lembang – West Java.

We hope that this initiative can take a role in a joint effort together with the community with goal to have a professional and accountable police.

Lembang, 29 Juli 2009

Irjen Pol Aryanto Sutadi,Chief of Legal Division POLRI
Irjen Pol Nanan Sukarna,Chief of Public Relation Division POLRI
Irjen Pol Paulus Purwoko, Chief of Command School POLRI
Usman Hamid, Coordinator of KontraS
Andy K Yuwono, Executive Secretary of Praxis
Oslan Purba, Executive Secretary of Federation KontraS

09 .00 – 10.00 pm Irjen Pol. Paulus Purwoko, Chief of Command School POLRIUsman Hamid, Coordinator of KontraS Opening ceremony 10.00 – 12.30 Irjen. Pol. Aryanto SutadiChief of Legal Division POLRI Irjen Pol. Nanan SoekarnaChief of Public Relation Division POLRI Progress of Police Reform :Decree no 7 year 2008 on the implementation of Community Policing and Chief of INP Decree no 8 Year 2009 Guidelines implementation of Human Rights Towards Democratic Policing ; Indonesian National Police Challenges 12.30-13.30 POLRI and civil society organization Joint Press Releases 13.30 – 15.30 Adnan PanduprajaNational Police CommissionProf. Sylvia Tiwon PhDIndonesian Expert on PolicingAnneke OsseExpert on Policing from Amnesty International. Building Accountability Mechanism within the framework of Institutional Reform