Trial of Buchtar Tabuni continues

Trial of Buchtar Tabuni continues

Papua Pos
Abridged in translation by TAPOL

A hearing in the trial of Buchtar Tabuni which was held on 6 May was attended by Nazaruddin Bunas, SH, the head of the Law and Human Rights Division of the province of Papua. Nazaruddin Bunas told journalists that he had decided to attend the hearing in order to see for himself how the trial was proceeding.

The hearing was held to hear testimonies from witnesses called by the defence, but these witnesses as well as expert witnesses who had been summoned did not turn up so the judge adjourned the hearing for a week and said that he expected these witnesses to appear next week.

Buchtar Tabuni is on trial on the charge of makar (subversion) for taking part in a demonstration in Jayapura on 16 October last year, on the same day as the International Parliamentarians for West Papua was launched in London.

Asked about his opinion on the use of the charge of makar, Bunas said that so-called makar cases were occurring because the aspirations of the people have been neglected. These aspirations were reflected in the Law on Special Autonomy, such as that priority should be given to the employment of Papuan people.

'The failure to implement this is resulting in incidents which are regarded as being acts of subversion.' He said that it was essential for the government, the local legislative assembly and the MRP to get together and talk about the enactment of special regulations (Perdasus and Perdasi) regulating the rights of the Papuan people.

On the same day, the trial of Sebby Sambon, another Papuan who is facing makar charges, also took place.