Trial of DAP chairman in Bird's Head underway for subversion

Trial of DAP chairman in Bird's Head underway for subversion

Media Papua

The police authorities in Manokwari are showing their determination to proceed with the charge of subversion against the chairman of Bird's Head DAP (Dewan Adat Papua), and the chairman of the National Committee of Papuan Youth, John Warijo, and the matter is now in the hands of the prosecutor's office.

While confirming that the documents had been handed over, the prosecutor said that, due to the need for additional clarifications, the documents have been returned for these additions to be made.

The two defendants are charged with subversion on 1 December 2008, when they participated in an event celebrating the anniversary of the Papuan people. They had both taken part in a long march from the DAP office to Borarsi Square.

The decision to designate the two men as defendants was accepted by the two men who had, together with their lawyer, Yan Christian Warinussy, visited the police office in order to give clarifications about the case.

Subsequently however, following a seminar to discuss the meaning of 'makar' and 'separatism'. the two men declared that they were not willing to response to any summons from the police and threatened to call out their supporters en masse if the police persist in charging them with subversion.