two KNPB activistsarrested

Two activists of The West Papua National Committee (KNPB), Mako Tabuni and Serafin Diaz who have been taking part in various demonstrations were arrested by the police at the Yos Sudarso harbour in Jayapura on Friday 3 April and taken to the criminal unit of the police for interrogation.

When they were arrested, Mako Tabuni was found to be in possession of a list of contributions to the KNPB as well as Rp700,000 in cash, as well as other leaflets in connection with the launching of the International Lawyers for West Papua, lots of other leaflets a well as a notebook. Serafin Diaz was found to have leaflets complaining about the implementation of special autonomy in Papua, and three documents about how to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS in Papua

They were also said to be in possession of a letter from the Free West Papua Campaign in Britain, and a book by Bob Marley called The Spirit of Freedom.

The police told the press that they had been arrested because of their role in a demonstration in Jayapura on 10 March.

A police officer said that their questioning of the two men had led them to conclude that there were grounds for the charge of makar, or seeking to separate from Indonesia, or other actions in violation of the law.

He said that the two men would face charges under Article 106 (makar) or 160 (incitement) of the Criminal Code. The two men were refusing to talk, so the police will need to look elsewhere to bring charges against them.